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AIRbnb renovations


We can offer investors effective proposals for the design, budget renovation and furnishing of properties geared for short-term vacation renters and travelling professionals.

These little investment gems are often 35 to 50 sq.meters, but can come in all sizes.  Redesigned and equipped to perfection, they must provide all the basics for a comfortable, cozy stay –  and stand out  in the  competitive bnb marketplace.

Consider a 50 sq. meter apartment in the center of Athens – the perfect investment for a bnb flat in a great location. 

You have options!  A clever design can assure that your property can serve BOTH as a short-term bnb flat AND as a long-term rental – thus minimizing your investment risk! 


We can offer great ideas as well as trustworthy suppliers of quality, inexpensive furniture  to create the perfect atmosphere.


Be sure you differentiate your bnb from the competition and include all the elements that guarantee success!

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