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house extension & renovation

100 sq. meter house in a plot of 250 sq. meters

Anavyssos, Greece


Rehabilitating a charming but unsuitable holiday cottage on the outskirts of Attica as a permanent retirement home.

A complete  renovation and an extension were required to make this a comfortable and livable retirement home for an Athenian bachelor – without losing all of its quaint cottage charm.  The hand-carved  railings and wooden posts around the porch, and  the exposed wood ceilings were preserved with this prerogative in mind.


On the upper level, a 20 sq. meter extension was built to incorporate front & side porches into the main living area. This allowed space for an office niche & dining area, and the possibility of an internal staircase to connect the top & ground floors.  Two large windows, with complete lateral opening, in the main living space provided optimal integration of interior & exterior spaces, framing the lovely garden and mountain views.

A new roof was put in place with matching vintage French-style roof tiles, while insulation was also added to the building exterior .  Aluminum frames with electric blinds & mosquito-nets replaced wooden French windows & cumbersome shutters.  Solar water-heating and interior heating panels completed the modernization and weatherproofing of this

40-year-old summer cottage.

The extension specifically aimed at flexibility:  allowing for either joining the two levels to function as one home, or using the lower level as an independent rental property, according to the owner's future needs.


mediterranean charm

This home's 250 sq. meter plot had mature trees in strategic places of the garden, all typical of the land. . . pistachio, olive, almond, fig trees, and a towering old pine offering welcome shade in the hotter months. 


We added more native vegetation from the Mediterranean basin. . . lavender, marjoram, basil, thyme, and various shrubs and flowers suitable to the local ecosystem, requiring minimal effort to maintain with an automatic watering system.  The landscaping and all around lighting created a peaceful haven enveloping this charming home.

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