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trio of rental apartments

Glyfada, Attica


Three long-term rental apartments in downtown Glyfada suburb needed total modernization.  Layout changes made them more in tune with modern lifestyles – thus increasing the appeal and value of these properties.

The 42-year-old infrastructure was entirely rebuilt to provide many coming years of low-maintenance use, and to meet the owners’ primordial demand:  a truly autonomous heating to replace the old central system with shared bills that so often plague landlords.  

New heating and plumbing lines were laid down , while preserving the existing marble and Iroko wood floors.

Individual natural-gas boilers, solar water heaters,  thermal-insulated aluminum frames, electrical blinds, and air-conditioning throughout completed the weatherproofing of these three properties.

Functional improvements included new master suites, modern open kitchens, plenty of storage, full-length closets, and laundry niches.  Bathrooms were enlarged and upgraded with floor-to-ceiling, large-size granite tiles, showers with sleek shower panels, and inox accessories.  Doors and cabinetry were selected in durable materials with a timeless appeal.  Muted & neutral colors were used throughout to accommodate tenants' wide spectrum of aesthetics.

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