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Vintage Hair Atelier

​​30 sq. meter hairsalon

Ilioupoli, Attica


We offered our design input and consulting guidance to help this start-up business get going in the heart of the economic crisis.  A vintage look was pulled together with a strong and unique character.

The physical space needed to be something we could make work with minimal intervention.  We capitalized on every existing element that could be maintained, such as the drywall ceiling works and wall mirrors.  The owner's family and friends provided pro-bono work for plumbing, electrical wiring, and tiling works.

​Custom-made cabinets created a unified look with an assortment of second-hand and discounted furniture, and some key vintage pieces on hand.  We invested in proper lighting and drywall space dividers and storage niches. 


The choice of brilliant and rich colors, which inspired the artist-in-residence, brought everything together in a result which is both functional and unique.

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